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Red Soled Shoes In San Antonio 's second war, the Thunder suffered a defeat more thorough than the first game , and this time they not only defensive collapse , and the offensive lack technique . Durant and Westbrook shot 13 of 40 in total , including three-pointers 9 1 vote, the two together and even got only five free throws. After this war, the Thunder took a 2-0 disadvantage back to Oklahoma City after Ibaka injured , everything looks not so beautiful Mens Louboutin.

Louboutin Wedding Shoes Spurs on the offensive end of the season , smooth, extremely sharp , although GDP old and a one year old , but the Spurs team as a whole but rather the acceleration of the pace of their offense and defense conversion became a major offensive to take points weapon. Thunder is missing Ibaka can not limit the Spurs in the paint , resulting in combined internal and external opponents played quite easily . Two games down, discerning eye can see, in christian louboutin wedding shoes order to win the next Thunder Spurs defense is hopeless , we must fight the attack. Oklahoma is the only consolation is that they have a few Thunderbolt II , even though Louboutin Uk they embarrassed again this game christian louboutin outlet uk , you can still look forward to the next two super god -like status to save the team . Westbrook played in the playoffs this year and again this role , when the Thunder against the Grizzlies was 2 to 3 behind , then Westbrook scored 25 +9 +5 in the sixth team will pull back from the brink , the decisive seventh game is scored 27 +10 +16 Guards three pairs led the team qualify . The second round of the series , the Clippers after being humiliated in a home , Westbrook has responded with three pairs of strong 31 +10 +10 , in the series of the most critical Battle of King Mountain , he is mad audience 22 mens louboutin 13 cut 38 points , almost single-handedly propped up the team , the Thunder finally under extremely adverse circumstances comeback Louboutin Men.

Mens Louboutin The game, the Thunder attack start thinking very strongly , Durant and Westbrook both arranged before the Thunder with 13 points , a total of 13 shots , but this time the team are only 17 shots only, but this did not resist last long , two little feel louboutin heels stay christian louboutin wedding shoes away, the sophistication of the Spurs have been firmly grasp the rhythm score lead and the game. Section Thunder role players stand out unexpectedly , Perry - Jones to recover the body nail plate large cap Patty - Mills ; Adams and Perkins upper hand resorted fantastic pace, turned hook scored ; Nick - Collison even copy Stephenson miracles , 0.1 seconds and gently Yi Liao , the racket into the net . But never less Huihun double the Thunder in the second quarter there have been four-minute scoring drought . Westbrook still clinging to their own businesses , and finally late in the second quarter hit a certain effect. He Christian Louboutin London hit three consecutive individual singles . First defense against two people cover the ball into , and then they are in the cast hit the emergency stop signs , the next round , with a magnitude of less prestige exaggerated change to throw off Parker, louboutin shoes sale speed reached inside the face up against Duncan , Westbrook almost threw his whole bottom line , then the underhand layup , forcing the Spurs to call up the Louboutin Shoes Outlet UK suspension , the points difference is also maintained at less than 15 points. Halftime KD11 in 4, RW15 5. Were to get 11 points Louboutin Wedding Shoes.

Christian Louboutins But the louboutin pigalle 120 second half began , the Thunder did not have much change in the tactical thinking , or two-person show Durant and Westbrook , Westbrook continue strong shots, although Adu scored four points , but the Spurs seemed easier to get points , points Poor moment came 19 minutes . In Thunder two little downturn together , the Thunder almost any threat made ??against the Spurs , Section 5 minutes 40 seconds left , leading the Spurs to reach 26 points , two less this time still feel Louboutin Wedding Shoes the outside Bo thirds vote , but four consecutive three-pointers mental balance under all missed . After the game gradually lose the suspense , the Thunder would surrender their arms at the beginning of the fourth quarter . Russell - Westbrook , perhaps because of his reckless impulses you hate him because he 's Tough and unyielding love him , and perhaps this is a devil in the eyes of his fans , but they might tomorrow, he will embark on colorful clouds back to Oklahoma City , the Thunder played the savior again Louboutin Men.

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